Bangkok and it's culture is influenced by the modern day, yet still retains very proud links to its tradition and Buddhist spirituality. This culture can be found on every street corner, in the food, language, music, dance, the arts, and Buddhist temples


"Bangkokians" are a warm and friendly people. They are generous with their welcoming smile. They are deeply proud of their "Thai-ness", and normally too polite to show offence, anger or annoyance. Buddhism is the predominant religion in Bangkok, with monks, temples, spirit houses, Buddha images and statues everywhere you look. It is expected that appropriate clothing be worn in temples and shoes removed before entering. There is also a sizable Muslim minority scattered around the city who are 100% Thai in every respect.

Best time to visit Bangkok

Every place has a different set of attractions for the tourists. These attractions are the reason of the well developed tourism industry in all these places. Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and it is one of the most visited cities in the south East Asian Region. This region is extremely beautiful with many visitors every year, being one of the best tourist destinations on the Asia continent and in the world. It has both the natural beauty and the tourist attractions. Famous landmarks of this city attract visitors from around the world. There are also shopping opportunities galore here. You will find many road side stall in Bangkok and a variety of places to go shopping. With reasonable rates and a huge variety of things on offer.


There are many beaches near Bangkok which are known as the best in the world. Pattaya Beach is one such a beach and a very famous tourist attraction of Bangkok.There are many temples in the city including The Grand Palace and Wat Pho which are very popular. Lumphini Park, China Town and many other temples are also popular attractions of the city. Bangkok is a beautiful place to visit and you can choose from a large variety of attractions and activities to occupy your time.The Thai language is spoken most commonly in Bangkok

Visa Requirements for South Africans

Citizens of South Africa are permitted to stay up to 30 days under the "Visa Exemption Rule" if entering via international airport. Permit to stay up to 15 days if entering through a land border checkpoint from a neighboring country. Travelers must be in possession of a confirmed travel itinerary and proof of funds.